Music concert: Outreach

As past of our vision to take as many people as possible to heaven. We organize music concerts at the city center of Eindhoven (18 Septemberplein). It is always a day to look forward to, as our music team in collaboration with other gospel artists in Netherlands including instrumentalists are prepare to perform all various forms of gospel music, from reggae, traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, and praise and worship. while the evangelism team are busy reaching the souls and praying for people with needs

Street Evangelism

Every Saturday we engage the street of Eindhoven for one-on-one soul winning. By the grace of God, through this effective means of reaching out with the love of God, we have recorded a tangable number of Dutch indigens confess Jesus as their lord and personal saviour, on a weekly bacis. To God be the glory.

Family Week

Every third Sunday of the month is dedicated to family, it is called "family week". It is an interactive service set aside to discuss family related topics like your role as a father, mother, child, relationships as intending couples, finance, dealing with inlaws and many more as well as the perspective of the bible towards addressing these topics. We recognize family to the be bedrock of every society. If a nation will be Godly, then the family has to be Godly. It is no news that the devil is fighting marriages, finance, business, children with the aim of breaking the home. The number of broken homes in Europe is increasing exponentially on a daily basis.

Workshops (Sunday School)

Every Sunday there is always something to look forward to, these sessions of thorough teaching of the word of God is called the Sunday school. Over the years, it has become a source of spiritual nourishment to many believers in our community, learn and develop yourself spiritually, mentally, academically, emotionally, financially and otherwise. Various topics are treated in their practical forms and answers are given to questions by the leading of the Holy spirit